Anglimergent is a generous and generative friendship among diverse Anglicans, engaging emerging church and mission.

Our aim to become and remain friends, and in so doing to incarnate a deeply Anglican ecclesiology (way of being church) which is 'in sync' with the perichoretic (relational) nature of God and kenetic (self emptying) Way of Jesus, and working in common cause on the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Consultative Council, and seated on a 'three legged stool' of: 'reconciliation, justice and mission'.

We are appreciative of the rich heritage of our Anglican way of being Christian, and how Anglicanism (when released from modern strictures) is deeply resonate with the hungers people have for authentic community, intellectual honesty, deep tradition, ancient-future spiritual practice, and servanthood in the way of Jesus. As the original 'third way' (via media) within Christianity, and as a diverse, multi-cultural and global communion, Anglicanism is uniquely poised to engage the imaginations of emerging generations and all spiritual seekers in today's world.

We are excited to give fresh expression and renewed missional praxis to the Anglican way of being Christian, to mentor support, bless and release 'next generation' leaders, and bring the massive spiritual riches of our tradition to bear in emerging culture and engaging emerging generations in intentional, sacramental community around Jesus Christ.

We are devoted to God and the Missio Dei, and we will use our energies accordingly, being conscientious objectors to the 'Anglican wars'. The cries of the humanity to experience God's love and salvation and participate in God's healing and redeeming of our world (Kingdom/Reign) trump our wars.

We are humble in making 'truth claims' that seek to posit our own particular brands of Anglicanism as superior to others, but are bold in proclaiming that we are claimed by the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life for us all, and bold in inviting others to experience God's love and salvation.

We are pan Anglican and truly Anglican, as comprehensiveness is a core value for us. So we do not question the 'validity' and esse of other Anglicans we differ from, and we long for the bene esse (well being) and plene esse (full being) of our communion. Thus it is not our intention that we come to hold the same views on every 'issue' or point of doctrine, as we come from diverse Anglican church bodies with differing practices. Yet we do hold to the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral as a basic for unity across our diverse Anglican tribes. And beyond human agreements, our deepest unity is found in the Trinity, within whom we live and move and have our being, and the communion of the Trinity we cannot break, but must enter as broken, with all of us in need of God's redemption and grace, and where all of us who love and serve God are called God's beloved... And as God's beloved, we are to seek reconciliation with one another, as this is our calling in Jesus Christ, and this is what makes us friends of God, as we do as Jesus commands us. Therefore we agree to remain friends and remain in conversation that is honest in acknowledging the differing traditions and practices in different Anglican church bodies within our communion, without falling prey to paralysis that prevents us from engaging one another and God's mission.

Note: As our name implies, this site is 'notoriously Anglican' in focus, content and purpose. The site is curated/moderated to maintain this focus. Emergent sites specific to other traditions are linked to on our main page (bottom left) including ecumenical sites, such as Emergent Village, where emerging leaders across denominations and communions come together in broad emergent conversation. - Anglimergent maintains friendship across these sister networks. On this site we welcome those from other traditions and communions to listen in and participate here, to help us see ourselves honestly and to help us deepen our Anglicanism via insights that are offered from friends.

As we are aiming to serve and be accountable for what goes on here, please email any suggestions you have for this network and website. Email to: Karen Ward (North America) or Ian Mobsby (UK and Europe) coordinators.




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