Dear Leah,

Thanks for taking this step. I'll be interested to see what emerges from our Diocesan Group (sorry I couldn't help the pun, it was too easy).

I look forward to a conversation, but now it's time to get ready for Wednesday 7 a.m. Liturgy.


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I was excited to see other Western MA people on here. When I read this message I thought 7am sounds awfully early, then I remembered we have morning prayer here at 6:45. However, we live in community and i go in my pj's quite often.

I'm going to try and recruit some more Western MA folks for Anglimergent.

Have you ever heard of John Marks? I heard him speak of at a Bookstore in Northampton (where he lives). There's a documentary he's featured in called Purple State of Mind that could be a good outreach tool for dialogue,, I think, check it out if you get a chance.




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