As I was working on my church's leaflet last night I had a great idea: why not create an origami leaflet?  I imagined some sort of interesting shape that would unfold as the liturgy unfolds, until it finally becomes a flat "map" which would spacial relate the elements of both the liturgy's conceptual and physical space.  Perhaps coupled with a non-linear liturgical format (stations set up around the space, worship as environment rather than event, etc.).  Has anyone done anything like this?  Is there a precedent?

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Amazing idea! I like that.... And no, I've not heard of anything similar.
i really love this idea!  but im stumped as to any suggestions.  cant get my head around it.  hopefully somebody can grease up the idea skids.
Well, a flexagon of some sort might work, but figuring out the printing of it would be "interesting"... see also, this or the website for simple "program like" folds... if you ventured into a hexahexaflexagon, then you'd really have a challenge to print them! You might have to train people how to get into the program!

The Flexagon is interesting, but it takes us back to words pretty quickly--I was thinking that the shape should be more expressive . Perhaps a fish, or a chalice, or bread.  Or for Trinity Sunday it could be a bunch of nested triangles. 


Printing isn't an issue at all.  I'd just create a mock-up  first, then number all the panels and lay the paper out flat again.  I'd set-up a document in Adobe InDesign with the fold lines as the guidelines, then create a layer that would have the numbers of the panels and another that was colour coded to make it easier to see how the panels would stitch together, then you just start putting your text boxes and picture boxes on top of that.  Delete the guide layers and you're done!


Since most origami is made with square pieces of paper, it will print out on the church's printer just fine.  Folding it, however, will be a little time consuming unless you have a bunch of volunteers (depending on the size of the service, of course)!



No comment on origami - just wanted to say hi, Tay, since I saw a name I recognized from YDS....




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