I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in getting together AT Lambeth ??? There is the opportunity to put together what they call a "Fringe Event" on or near the campus in Kent. However day&time "slots" are dependent on the bishops' (& spouses) plenaries and other engagements (ie a day in London). I'd suggest a casual evening after dinner.

Content is totally under our "control".

The cost is low (there's a room fee that covers insurance and you order and pay for the coffee/tea/biscuit service.

I'm in England and in touch with these organizers and willing to help get this started.

IS AnyOnE interested?? What days would people be around Canterbury??
Timing should be now bec booking forms need to go in as soon as possible.

Let me or Karen Ward know what you think is possible...

peace from Manchester UK --- S

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If I can break away and join you I will, keep me in the loop.

Greg Rickel
Great !! We're looking at something in the first week after the evening meal ... a reception style simple with tea, coffee, biscuits. I would appreciate your support.

Can I also give you (and others) a "head's up" about another fringe event that my husband (TEC priest and doctoral candidate in theology) is organizing. It's a follow up to a conference he's organized called "Church, Identity/ies, and Postcolonialism" on 1,2 May here at the University of Manchester (google Lincoln Theological Institute for details).
At Lambeth there will be a gathering with an international bishops panel and plenary on the topic of "Postcolonial theology and Anglican identity".
Sponsored by LTI and Journal of Anglican Studies; Bruce Kaye author of "Reinventing Anglicanism" will moderate. That should be held on Monday 21 July during the lunch period.
Again, details will follow.
Thanks for your interest!
peace, -- Stefani
Keep me posted as well - working on getting a press pass.
dates? anyone?
Andrew, I will BE there on the first two, maybe three days ...
one thing to keep in mind is that the bp's are not there always. Here's their schedule as I can tell for an evening gathering, working about their evening plenaries and being offsite, and the weekend:: 23 July -- THIS would be my first choice; 28, 30, 31 July and 1 August (altho at the end probably difficult)
is that helpful.
also, some of us are thinking of a walking pilgrimage to canterbury to tie in with lambeth. be happy if others were to join us.
how far would that be? days ??? miles??
The official dates of Lambeth are July 20-August 2, 2008.

I am game to just about anything once I hear about a press pass and funding.

Also I was at Canterbury last year and took some photos of the area (esp. the Cathedral) so if anyone wants recent pics, I have them. They range from pretty silly to very spiritual.
I'd love to see :-)) can you put them on your page? or blog??
not sure how long but possibly a few days. Jessica Stricker is a friend who is organizing this and other pilgrimages this year. she is currently in orkney looking at pilgrimage routes here. i think she plans to walk herself with others and arrive in canterbury around 27th. a little later would be more convenient for me, especially if my family come to walk it.

our family walked a good part of the camino de santiago a few years ago in spain.
My collection is 59 photos. Here's the one I put on flickr of the Cathedral


I attached three other pics that show a bit of my more humorous side.

If anyone needs an entire collection of canterbury pics, I can send you the batch via You Send it. As long as I'm credited as the photog to keep people from using the pic commercially, people can use them as they like.

I just left a message on your page. I will be in London from September through December and would love to hear more about this opportunity. Karen Ward directed me your way.
Hope to hear from you soon!






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